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Autumn tour

Beautiful Autumn Leaves of Japan


Autumn is season of beautiful autumn color. Contrast between red, orange, yellow leaves and temples, shrines, castle is so beautiful.
This season is also said, "Season of food". Please enjoy various kinds of food in each region we will visit.
This is the period of festivals and rituals throughout Japan to enshrine local deities.


Autumn tours in October

Takayama Festival 8days

Takayama Festival 8 days

Takayama festival is considered to be one of the three most beautiful festivals in Japan. Their huge floats are paraded all day and night with mechanical puppet shows, brilliant color paper machete, and lanterns. Please enjoy big cities & mountainous townscape.

Itinerary & Price Details
Starting Date: 2016/10/6
USD 2,720, Osaka to Tokyo

Autumn tours in November


Takayama Autumn Leaves Tour by VIP bus 8 days - Limited to 8 people -

Featuring Takayama that still has traditional townscape and visit ancient capitals Kyoto and Nara. Through this course, you will see beautiful contrast between colors of autumn leaves and traditional and historical archtectures such as temples and traditional houses. Highlights are night autumn leaves viewing and open air hot spring in your private room.

Itinerary & Price Details
Starting Date: 2016/11/22
USD 2,580, Tokyo to Osaka

Autumn Leaves Complete Tour

Autumn Leaves Complete Tour 11 days

This tour gives you a sampling of all that Japan has to offer, from unique locales to "must see" tourist attractions in Tokyo , Kyoto, Hiroshima and Koyasan.
Main attraction of this tour is visiting 8 World Heritage sites of UNESCO.

Itinerary & Price Details
Starting Date: 2016/11/24
USD 3,500, Tokyo to Osaka

Tokyo city tour:1-13-10, Sanshin Building 2A, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan