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Summer tour

Festivals and Fireworks of Japan


Summer is season of festivals and fireworks.
Procession of elaborately decorated floats and portable shrines is so exciting to see.
During this season, fireworks is taken place throughout Japan.
We recommend to visit nature scene such as mountaineou region and streams and falls.
Scene of green like forest and rice paddy agains blue sky is beautiful.


Summer Tours in June

Early Summer Hydrangea Tour

Japan Early Summer Hydrangea Tour 9 Days

Local Train ride through the valley between the central Japan Alps and Southern Japan Alps.
Kyoto walking into the beautiful Japanese garden in the silence.

Itinerary & Price Details
Starting Date: 2017/6/18
USD 2,798, Tokyo to Osaka

Hokkaido Lavender Tour

Japan Hokkaido Lavender Festival 6 Days

Magnificent north earth, Hokkaido which are known with the purple of the lavender in early summer, and is covered in winter by drift ice.

Itinerary & Price Details
Starting Date: 2017/7/02, 7/09
USD 1,500, Sappro to Sapporo

Summer Complete Tour

Japan Summer Complete Tour 11 Days

When summer arrives, Japan's landscapes are enveloped in bright light. We visit not only a famed tourist spot like Mt.Fuji as sacred mountains, Kyoto an ancient city but also headquarters of the Kōyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism.

Itinerary & Price Details
Starting Date: 2017/7/11
USD 3,850, Tokyo to Osaka

Gion Festival in July

Gion Festival 7 Days

The Gion Festival takes place annually in Kyoto and is one of the most famous festivals in Japan. It goes for the entire month of July and is crowned by a parade, the Yamaboko Jonkō on July 17 and July 24. It takes its name from Kyoto's Gion district.

Itinerary & Price Details
Starting Date: 2017/7/12
USD 2,198, Tokyo to Kyoto

Tokyo city tour: 1-13-10 Sanshin building 2A, Hatchobori Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan