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Origin of Japanese people

What is Japanese people?

Although there are people who believe in the racial purity of Japanese. Latest investigation say that the physical features of Japanese people reveal their derivation form a mixture of several ethnic group. What sort of racial group comprised this admixture?

We can say that Japanese stock was created over a long period of time.By the gradual mixture of Jomon strain an ethnic group from Southeast Asia that had crossed the sea of Japan. The Yayoi strain , a Tungusic people arrive through the Korean peninsula, and the "Ainu" ethnic group.

What is "Ainu"?

It is held that the "Ainu" are the ethnic group that about thousand years ago established the "Satsumon culture", that encompassed a region spanning Sakhalin...Hokkaido and Northern Honshu. the "Ainu" are aboriginal people of Japan.

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