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There are tow kind of traditional Noodles, Udon and Soba.

Udon is made of wheat flower and is widespread in Western Japan. Including Kyoto and Osaka. Soba-buckwheat- come from a plant relatively easy to cultivate even when the weather is cold or the soil has worn thin; The grain of this plant is made into Soba flower, then kneaded, finely cut, and cooked for eating.

It is relished in Eastern Japan. Including Tokyo. Both dishes are prepared in a hot soup together with various ingredients. In summer, the noodle can be dipped in a cool broth and eaten.

In recent years, a Chinese brand of noodle known as Ramen, when prepared Japanese style, has rapidly permeated the Japanese sense of taste.

Instant Ramen in particular in only a few decades has captured the national fancy. It is now sold all over the world as a kind of –Japanese noodle soup-.hhhh

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