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Takayama Autumn Leaves with Hiroshima 10 days
Travel Dates : Oct.28 to Nov.6,2018
Tour Price : USD 3,480 Based on TWIN
When it gets cooler, the leaves change color into red, yellow and various other colors as if they are trying to be most beautiful at the very last moment before they fall all over Japan. Let's take a walk in autumn color.

Asakusa -Day 2-

Asakusa is a famous sightseeing spot in Tokyo,which is reminiscent of the Edo period.This district has been flourishing as a temple town of Senso-ji, the oldest and the largest temple in Tokyo.
Nakamise street is a nice shopping street which is over 200m long, leading to the Senso-ji Temple.
image Asakusa

Shirakawago -Day 5-

Shirakawa-go is a historic village, where unique traditional farmhouses survive. Built in the architectural style called “Gassho-zukuri,” these houses are characterized by steep-pitched thatched roofs, which are designed to shed heavy snow typical of this region. image Shirakawago

Kyoto -Day 7-

Kyoto is an city that developed after the establishment of the Heiankyo in 794, and was home to the Emperor for approximately 1,000 years. Parts of its refined culture have been preserved and transmitted intact to the present day and can be experienced in Gion and other entertainment areas. image Kyoto

Miyajima -Day 9-

Itsukushima Shrine is the only shrine in the world to have been built over the surface of the sea. As the entire island of Miyajima was regarded as a deity, no shrine could be built there. Instead, a shrine was built over the water of a cove. image Itsukushima Shrine

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Tour Descriptions

The exact date for looking at autumn leaves changes annually depending on the weather, but usually it is from mid-October to end of November in Gifu area(Takayama Shirakawago area). In this season, people go out to the mountainous countryside to see autumn leaves, an activity which is called Autumn leaf hunting, or momiji-gari. Let's take a walk in autumn color with us!!

During the way to Kyoto we also visit Magome and Tsumago, which connected Edo (present-day Tokyo) with Kyoto, post town on trading route during Edo period. When We strolled around both town you can feel travel back in time to Edo period.

Tour Date and Price

Tour Date: 10D9N   October. 28 - November. 06, 2018

Tour Price : USD 3,480 *Price per person, Based on TWN

Start in Tokyo, End in Osaka

Single room supplement:USD 540

Price (age 4-11※): USD 1,740


Tokyo / Hakone / Mt.Fuji / Matsumoto / Shirakawago / Takayama / Magome / Tsumago / Nara / Kyoto / Osaka / Hiroshima

Visiting World Heritage Sites of UNESCO : Mt. Fuji, Shirakawago, Kyoto, Nara, A-bomb dome, Miyajima

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