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The Golden pavilion - Rokuonji or Kinkakuji

Kinkakuji - Golden pavilion - is a popular in Kyoto area and is called Kinkakuji, because the temple is painted by gold color.

In the 1220's, it was the beautiful villa of Kintsune Saionji. The third shogun of Ashikaga, Yoshimitsu abdicated the throne in 1394, After 3 years, he began to build Kitayamaden and he made a special effort to make it a breath-talking site. He indulged in his peaceful life in this serene setting. After Yoshimitsu's death, Kitayamaden was made into Zen temple in accordance with his will. The garden remains as it was in former day and can be enjoyed as it was hundred years ago.

The Temple is inscribed as World heritage in 1994.

Kinkakuji - Golden pavilion - was called Shariden. The marvelous building consists of three types of architecture.

1st floor is Shinden-zukuri, the palace style.
2nd floor is Buke-zukuri, the style of Samurai house.
3rd floor is Zen temple style.

Both the 2nd and 3rd floors are covered with gold leaf on Japanese lacquer. The roof is thatched with shingles. The coating of Japanese lacquer was found a little decayed and a new coating as well as gilding with gold-leaf, much thicker than original ones, was given to the building and was completed in 1987.

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