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Izakaya- Japanese Pub's food-

An Izakaya is the Japanese equivalent of a pub. It is a good place to visit when you want to a casual meal, a wide selection of food, a hearty atmosphere and, of cause, plenty of beer and Sake.

When you enter an Izakaya, you are given the choice of sitting around the counter, at a table or on a tatami floor.

Yakitori-ya can be recognized by small red lanterns in front of stands, with the character for ?Tori-or bird. Another clue to finding a yakitori-ya is the clouds of fragrant smoke coming from the vent.

You usually order a bit at a time, choosing from a selection of typical Japanese food Like Yakitori, Sashimi and grilled fish, as well as Japanese interpretation of western food like French-fried and beef stew.

Izakaya can be identified by their rustic fa├žades and the red lanterns outside their doors Bearing the kanji or Izakaya.

Since Izakaya food is casual fare to go with drinking, it is usually fairly inexpensive. Depending on how much you drink, you can expect to get away with spending 2,500 yen to 5,000 yen per person.

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